I am moving to a dedicated server!

I've been working on the rebuilding process for quite some time in the background and I am finally ready to start the process of moving the websites over to the dedicated server. The moving process will take some time as I work meticulously on the change.


Traipse OpenRPG

First and foremost is the advancement of the Traipse fork from the OpenRPG project. A lot has been request of by the community of the OpenRPG project, some of it I simply could not accomplish because of the restrictions a strict web host enforce.

With the move to a dedicated server I am freer to work on web based applications for the OpenRPG project. I will now have the ability to create server side Python scripts that the desktop software can interact with. And while I am not making any promises, I now have the freedom to work on a web based platform ... preferably one that works with to already running servers.

I know a huge count of the OpenRPG community has already moved to other virtual game tables and services. I remain established in developing the software and keeping the source code open for future developers. All of the changes I am making and feature additions I add will find a home here in case people return. For those of you who are still waiting, I thank you deeply for your patience.


Knowledge Arcana

The Knowledge Arcana magazine has had a rough restart since I have taken hold of the trademark. With the massive rewrite of Traipse OpenRPG taking the forefront of my attention my hands have been tied and I've unfortunately neglected Knowledge Arcana.

Previous accounts and articles will not transfer over!

With the rebuilding process I am completely rebooting the Knowledge Arcana website. Along with the new look and feel of the website, I am remodeling the website to provide a proper gateway for an online magazine that will work alongside the PDF model of the magazine.


More Changes

More changes are being worked on, with a lot of those changes occurring in the background. The rebuilding process will progress slowly. Thank you for your patience while I complete this rebuilding.