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The YouTube Paper Chase

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Google's YouTube and I have a fairly distant relationship. One which I don't know how much more I can care about tightening. I've done everything possible to gain monetization on some of my videos on my gaming channel, and still for some unknown reason Google's YouTube keeps asking for the same detail. "Permission for commercial use of game footage."

I understand with games like Bioshock: Infinite how this can be a drag to actually acquire and even though I had permission, I asked 2K Games/Irrational Entertainment directly and gained permission, so for those games I don't bother making a hassle about it. But when it comes to games like Defense of the Ancients 2 I get pissed that they keep asking me for permission.

It's right here, YouTube, right fucking here:  Yet only one of my DotA 2 gameplay videos has ever been monetized by YouTube, the rest sitting in limbo with a little question mark icon that tells me some day, possibly after hell freezes over, someone will make a decision about the validity of Valve's policy.

But what really pisses me off is the email I received today from YouTube regarding my Kinetic Void videos. In part it reads "You have indicated that your video contains video game footage. Please provide the following information so we may examine your claim:

Direct link to the publisher license terms, permitting commercial use of game footage:

Please note that messages, comments, and postings from social media websites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) or blogs may not be sufficient to establish your commercial use rights."

Really, YouTube? Is that what you really need? Because when I provide that I get nothing back from you. It doesn't seem to work for my Valve videos anyway, so why would it work for Badland Studio's Kinetic Void. And how the hell am I supposed to mandate Badland Studio NOT use the Steam forums for these types of releases? I wonder if YouTube understands how Steam forums work.

Anyway ... perhaps this whole vent of frustration is aimed at the wrong criteria. They go one to mention, "Lastly, to assist us in processing your submission for monetization, we would like for you to provide us with more information regarding the license agreement for the visuals (outro picture) contained in your video.", which I had never heard from them before.

I'll check into that. If it is the image in my outro one would think they would assist in making their task easier by just asking for that one item. Instead of producing a list of items that can reproducibly be shown to not be an issue, they should just ask for the items that are preventing the monetization in the first place.

So ... yeah. This is what attempting to monetize your game footage on YouTube looks like when you are not in a network.

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