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Burned By Vapes

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So I have a small YouTube channel where I review flavors for e-cigarette liquids. At the time of this writing my subscriber base is quite small, only 456 subscribers. However, all of my subscribers are pretty active in the comments and take my reviews pretty seriously. I know my subscribers take my reviews pretty seriously because I get comments about how my review made them purchase from a store. I will receive comments from subscribers detailing their experience with a fluid I had previously reviewed.

I admittedly pride myself on my honesty when it comes to reviews. I never plan on going to a company to tell them I am a reviewer and ask for free product. If I do receive free product I will still review it honestly. There have been a couple of times I've actually thrown out the bottle of eliquid I was vaping after recording the video.

So .. sometime in January, I think it was January, I ordered from a company called The Vapor Company. While I was making my order I mentioned I had a small channel and I did reviews. I never intended to use my reviewer status to get ahead, rather I wanted The Vapor Company to give me a list of fluids they would like to see reviewed. And I did comeback with a small list of some eclectic flavors.

I was told by Tim Gray, the CEO, that my order would be rushed out and shipped soon. I thought that was a rather fair exchange and didn't think much of it. Until one day one of my subscribers asked me how long it took for me to get my fluids. I responded honestly that it didn't take long and that I had spoken with Time Gray. A couple more times this happened and my alarm bells had started ringing.

I can't be 100% certain The Vapor Comapny is a fly by night eliquid dealer that is selling products they never intended to sell. They do provide this warning tile on their front page


 However, the reviews on their Facebook page look like this


Yes ... I edited that image. The words are not that important, everyone should take a look at the stars. All of these reviews come from orders that happened in February. The fact they are orders from February totally sucks because all but one of my reviews was released in February. And I know for a fact several of my subscribers have ordered from The Vapor Company because it is my subscriber base  that let me know ... their phone is disconnected.

When will the people I interact with on any personal level via the internet stop fucking me over? Which reminds me, as of yesterday the window for me to renew the Knowledge Arcana trademark has opened.

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