Today I've updated Pious Paladin's Beta branch. With the update comes a couple of new features and some fixes.

WarHamFan Dicebar
I've added a dice bar for the War Hammer Fantasy RPG die roller. As with all dice bars, the dice bar will load as soon as the user changes to the dice roller. The new dice bar is pretty easy to use. Left click to add a die to the dice pool, right click to remove a die from the dice pool. Then click roll to throw your dice pool.

Traipse API
I've started work on a web based API. Initially it is being used to retrieve dice image data for the War Hammer Fantasy RPG die roller. Users can turn the on or off the setting for dice images in their settings. Eventually new features will be added, but for the time being I am focusing on adding more dice image options.

Download the Pious Paladin Beta here: or update from your Update Manager in the software!