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I Am Actually Working!

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Despite my lack of content I am actually working. o__o

Recently I have been working on understanding the Joomla! framework, which is not the easiest of tasks. Because all of the web pages here are using the Joomla! CMS, I need to understand the framework so I can create my own components. Eventually I will have the Traipse OpenRPG virtual game table talking to the web pages, and then there is a chance the source code will move to a web based platform. But all of that will take time, and wont happen in the Pious Paladin release.

For the current release I am working on, Pious Paladin, I want the virtual game table software to have a line of communication to a Joomla! based platform. After some basic work is done I plan on releasing the component so everything OpenRPG stays in the open source world. I'd like to maintain the standard of freedom that was initially set by Chris Davis, and everything OpenRPG should remain "open".

As I am writing this post I have made some headway on my Joomla! education, so I wanted the interested parties to know, Traipse development continues.

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I've been working on the mail server for 6 months now. o__o I took my time to read and understand, at least attempt to understand what I should be doing. I'm on the last leg of getting the server setup.