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D&D 5e NPC / Creature Sheets

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If you are like me you are preparing for your D&D 5e game to start. I don't have the Dungeon Master's Guide yet, but that hasn't been released yet. Still, I want to be as ready as I can be when that time comes. So to make preparation a lot easier for me I've made a couple of sheets that are designed to hold the stat blocks for NPCs and Creatures.

Obviously, these sheets are simply modifications of the original PC Sheet provided by Wizards of the Coast, but they work awesome if you want to copy a creature from the Monster Manual to a single sheet of paper. I'd rather not be juggling three manuals while I DM a game, so have 99% of a the data needed for a creature at any given time on a single sheet is pretty smooth

Here they are as images:


And here the are in PDF format: npc-sheet.pdf npc-sheet-v2.pdf

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